Mar 10, 2011

Dale Robyn Siegel Interviews Nolo Author George Devine

BHCA13.gifThis just in: An online interview between mortgage broker and writer Dale Robyn Siegel and Nolo's own George Devine, co-author of How to Buy a House in California.

One of the bits of George's advice that you might be tempted to speed past is that you make "checklists of priorities" concerning your home purchase. As any real estate agent will tell you, many home buyers spend weeks or months more than they could have looking at homes, unable to decide, because they didn't really know (or agree, in the case of a couple) what they wanted in the first place.

How to Buy a House in California helps you set priorities ahead of time, by providing checklists where you can specify what you want -- whether it's a big kitchen, a good school district, or room for an arts studio -- and decide how important each home feature is to you. Then you can carry your checklist with you while househunting, to keep yourself on track.  

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