Dec 14, 2010

Grace Your New Home With a Holiday Wreath?

IMG_3181.JPGIs it just me, or is everyone obsessed with holiday wreaths, in all their variety, this year? And, I've just noticed that the former owners of my new house left a conveniently placed nail on the front door!

So, in order to feed that obsession (because you know, it only gets worse if you deny it), below are some fun online places to research how to buy or make a wreath that will welcome you back home in style.

While we're on the topic, if you happen to be putting your house on the market soon, a wreath is a non-sectarian way to add appeal to your entryway.
  • Article from This Old House magazine--don't miss the wreath made of antique tools
  • Lots of ideas from Sunset magazine--start collecting those eucalyptus pods now!
  • Purportedly eco-friendly wreaths from Good Housekeeping--though I'm not sure how fake, plastic apples got to be defined as eco-friendly

By the way, if anyone's looking for a present for me -- perhaps knowing all too well that those branches and berries piling up on my desk may never amount to anything -- I'm entranced with these succulent wreaths, made in Phoenix, Arizona.