Nov 17, 2010

Builder Concept Home 2010: It's Cute!

Check out this year's "Builder Concept Home," the National Association of Home Builder's annual model of what Americans want and need today. It's compact! It's got rooms that look like normal squares, instead of giant foyers and open areas with staircases meant for Scarlett O'Hara! They're calling it a "New Home for the New Economy."

Personally, I think it's a good idea. I've been a houseguest in some of the McMansions of the past, and they're usually drafty (hard to heat), full of vast areas that no one uses, and no doubt take forever to vacuum. And according to Carla Fried of MoneyWatch, I'm not the only one to think smaller is better -- here's her article, "Is the McMansion Era Gone for Good?"