Oct 26, 2010

Where to Buy That Home for Retirement?

Money Magazine recently came out with its list of the 25 best places to retire (within the United States.) Spoiler alert: Durham, North Carolina came out on top.

For those of us who can't even think about retirement yet, it's fun to read the list and fantasize. Yes, I'd love to sign up for senior learning programs at the local university, even now . . . .

But I suspect that, just as many Americans are planning staycations, many will eventually try to stay put for retirement. That means that, if you're a homebuyer who thinks you'll stay in your house for a good long time, it's worth considering whether it will suit you even into retirement.

Does it have easy access via public transport to activities that are important to you (for when you can no longer safely drive)? Will the stairs be manageable with bad knees? It can feel weird to think about these things when you're young, but why not save yourself a move later?