Oct 04, 2010

Is the Right to Raise Chickens Part of Homeownership?

Raising backyard chickens is just one of the many home projects that would have given your landlord fits -- but may make for a satisfying use of your newly bought home. The catch is, raising chickens isn't legal everywhere.

Thanks to the good folks at BackyardChickens.com, however, (and to This Old House magazine for mentioning this), you can find out your local chicken rules and regs.

Let's see, around me, both chickens and roosters are okay in Berkeley, but Oaklanders had better find a new home for that rooster. I had friends, in fact, who faced this very scenario -- apparently, telling the hens-to-be from the roosters-to-be when they're still fluffy little yellow puffballs is no easy task. The good news is, the hens will keep laying without a rooster. The eggs just won't be fertilized.

And that ends today's law lecture and biology lesson. Maybe next time I'll find a site dealing with backyard goats.