Jul 27, 2010

Home Staging: Even Homer Simpson Can't Resist!

Continuing on with the theme of popular culture depictions of real estate (my last blog posting sent you to David Letterman's Top Ten List), I hope you took note that home staging has truly "arrived" -- it made it onto The Simpsons!
That's right, in the episode that aired last Sunday, the town of Springfield was in financial crisis, and the house next door to the Simpson's was put on the market -- by just one of the many families moving to Detroit "in search of a better life."
Bart and Lisa soon notice delicious aromas of baking cookies wafting their way. But sensible Marge assures them that this is just a ploy by the sellers to make people subconsciously want to buy the house. Bart wonders, "What kind of a big fat moron would fall for that?"
Enter Homer Simpson, zombie-like, moaning, "Cookies! Must buy house!" He follows that with a litany of lines like, "Get loan preapproved," "Offer over asking," and "waive inspections," but I may not have the lines exactly right, since I can watch this episode only so many times at the office without others wanting to trade their jobs for mine.
But you can watch the whole thing, at Hulu.
Be sure to hang in their for the next best line in the episode -- when Bart introduces himself to the neighbor, saying, "You've no doubt read about me on your nuisance neighbor disclosure."

If you're a seller looking for more information on staging, check out Nolo's article, "Should You Hire a Home Stager?".