May 27, 2010

Waiting for Closing: The Seller's Perspective

If you read my earlier blog post on "The Perils of Owning Two Homes While Waiting for One to Sell," you're prepared for some of the nervousness of watching your old house sit empty during showings and up to the closing -- or in my case, the obsessiveness of visiting and checking on it every day.

I left my obsessive behavior out of this addition to Nolo's free online articles, called "Escrow and Your Role as Home Seller." Instead, you'll find straightforward information about tasks like dealing with contingencies and getting the place ready for the final walk-through.

And in a related new article, "Dealing With a Low Home Appraisal," you'll learn how too-low home appraisals have been scuttling more deals than ever before (because the lender won't approve the mortgage if the house isn't valuable enough to serve as collateral), and what both the sellers and the buyers can do about such situations.