Nov 05, 2009

Green Tips for Home Moving

The "Green Guru" (Susan Cosier) of Audubon Magazine fielded an interesting question this month: A reader was curious about how to move in an environmentally friendly way.

Here's a quick summary of her fine suggestions:

  • Look for moving companies that have incorporated green practices. For names, try the website of GreenMoversUSA.  The website's owner, Mark Ehrhardt of Brooklyn-based Movers Not Shakers, uses biodiesel trucks and reusable plastic packing containers.
  • Apropos of the above, buy some plastic containers of your own for moving. (I find they're plenty handy after you've moved in, too.)
  • If using cardboard containers, give them away for reuse afterwards, perhaps by advertising them in the "free" section of Craigslist.
  • For packing materials, avoid styrofoam peanuts. Instead, choose recyclable or biodegradable materials like newspaper, cornstarch-based packing peanuts, or popcorn.
  • If you're packing your own truck, fill it up to avoid multiple trips. This may involve pretending you're putting a puzzle together. Put the boxes on the bottom, before the furniture.
That's all -- but I'd be curious to hear whether readers have come up with other ideas!