Oct 05, 2009

Last Chance to Hang Laundry Outdoors Before It Rains!

laundry.jpgI confess, I'm lucky -- my husband does all the laundry. He's even careful (more careful than I would ever be) to read the labels and not mix gentles with regulars, or lights with darks.

So I'm about to recommend doing something that I don't actually do myself -- that is, take every opportunity to hang the laundry outdoors. But there are great reasons to do so, and said husband actually seems to enjoy the ritual of hanging laundry. (Plus, it makes him an avid weather-watcher, which comes in very handy for other plans.)

First of all, hanging the laundry saves energy and is good for the environment. At Project Laundry List, you can download an Excel spreadsheet that lets you calculate exactly how much you'll save.

Second, as the beneficiary, I can attest to how nice it is to have clean clothes that have been sun-dried (which has great antibacterial properties) as opposed to dryer-bashed (which wears clothes out faster).

Third, there's nothing wrong with the sight of hanging laundry -- in fact, it's the subject of many fine photographers' work. But that hasn't stopped misguided efforts by various homeowners' associations to ban the practice within their developments. Isn't it time to set aside such aesthetic judgments about a clean, energy-efficient practice, and use the easiest form of solar power around?

With the last rays of Indian Summer sun beaming down on us, now's the time to begin. Or, for those of us in California and other warm climes, to see how little we can use our dryer throughout the winter.