Aug 03, 2009

Dreamed of Buying a House by a Golf Course? Read This First

Yesterday, while out on a quest for the elusive urban blackberry, I stopped to admire the view over a chain link fence into a local golf course. Compared with busy Oakland, the green rolling lawn and elegant clubhouse looked like a mirage from another time.

But my next thought was, "What are the odds that a stray golf ball will come flying at my skull?"

If you've ever contemplated buying a house by a golf course -- and perhaps been additionally tempted by low prices by developers eager to move their properties -- you should be weighing both types of sentiments. And as for those odds, check out this article from Steve Pajak, of The Sacramento Bee.

My favorite account is of the guy who was told upon buying that golfballs would hit his house "occasionally," and it's turned out to be ten times a day on average. But the article also offers some useful tips on safest locations in relation to the course.