Jun 05, 2009

Selling in a Down Market: Tips

DOWN1.jpgIt's no secret that now is not the best time in recent history to sell a house. Prices are down in most areas of the U.S., buyers are taking their time and asking for lots of concessions, and the economy is keeping everyone cautious.

But life moves on, and many people can't wait for a turnaround to sell their home -- particularly those moving to a place where they can find work, moving to a retirement home, or needing a bigger house for a growing family.

That's why we wrote our most recent Nolo book, Selling Your House in a Tough Market. The book provides advice on key aspects of the process, like getting to know the local market (some are better than others for sellers), setting the right price (so the house doesn't stagnate on the market), staging it to look its best, and much more. And you can hear free tips from the authors, Alayna Schroeder and me, Ilona Bray, by listening to a podcast interview (click here).