Jun 09, 2009

House Listings Good for Laughs

Thanks go to Money magazine's annual "Best List" for mentioning this website in its "Best Way Not to Sell Your House" category: Lovelylisting.com.

My coworkers have probably wondering why I've been giggling at my desk for the last ten minutes, and this is it. The website collects listing photos that would cause most home buyers to run in the other direction; you'll see photos dedicated to showing off giant cracks in the flooring, cleaning equipment seemingly tumbling down a steep staircase, obviously Photoshopped giant tulips in an otherwise drab yard, and more.

There were times when I was writing our recent book, Selling Your House in a Tough Market, that I worried our advice about making the place look good was too obvious to merit space on the page... but I've just put those fears to rest.