Jun 11, 2008

Credit Score Scams: Don't Get Snared

A good credit record and score has always been important, but with the tightening up of the mortgage industry, people with a low score may have a harder time than ever buying a house -- a shame, if you want to take advantage of recent dips in home prices.

But, warns Kenneth Harney, that's no reason to pay money to the various companies that promise to not only raise your credit score, but find you an affordable home in foreclosure and a low-cost mortgage to boot. For details of the consumer complaints and FTC lawsuits that these companies have engendered, see Harney's article in the San Francisco Chronicle.

As for raising your credit score, you'll have to do it the old fashioned way: by paying down your debt, paying bills on time, and more, as discussed in Nolo's article on Credit Scoring.