Apr 13, 2008

Pet Showers Are Officially a U.S. Trend

istock_000004725827xsmall.jpgHomebuyers with dogs, get ready to say goodbye to muddy paws: Pet showers (which we only recently blogged as a must-have among British pet owners) are now on the list of what's newly trendy among U.S. home buyers. Yes, it's right up there along with a reduced carbon footprint, home elevators, outdoor living spaces, concealed appliances, and giant bathrooms.

Who makes these lists? This one comes from Mark Nash, one of the trusted advisers to our book (Nolo's Essential Guide to Buying Your First Home). He compiled results from an e-zine survery, and the results were reported in Realtor Magazine (scroll down to the article, "What's In, What's Out").

Ilona Bray