Mar 06, 2008

Fun & Trendy Real Estate Sites and Ventures

If you love to fantasize about new businesses or keep up with the latest entrepreneurial ideas, check out Here are just a few of the interesting sites you'll find in the Homes & Housing section:

  • Suite of fantasy real estate games where you can do everything from compete with other players guessing the real price of homes, or build fantasy houses -- perfect for real estate junkies (though now limited to the Bay Area only).

  • Offers help figuring out whether or not you're paying too much rent (for tenants) or charging too little (for landlords), compared to other properties in the area.

  • Ideal for new homeowners who want help designing a room -- includes feedback from friends and product suggestions.

  • Share owning in a second (luxury or vacation) home.

  • Extensive library of sustainable building and design materials from tiles and paint, to insulation and more.

But Springwise covers much more than real estate. Where else will you find out about press-on eyeshadow kits, a DVD that puts your child in a cartoon with Dora or another favorite character, custom-made energy bars, a shoe-fanatic vlog network, or guided running tours in major cities like New York and Chicago? Check it out!

Marcia Stewart


I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

Eric Hundin

Wow what a informative post. You could kinda get lost on anyone of those sites for a weekend or more. I really like the sites. Cool post!

Hi Marcia:

The real estate games will be expanding throughout the United States and some great international locations. Stayed tuned!

Cool sites! Thank you for making this list I've been playing for an hour haha. The rentometer is a very interesting real estate tool!


Anthony Brunetti

Thanks for all the fun real estate related sites - always looking for good info. Can't wait to check out - sustainable building is big here.