Nov 05, 2007

Don't Go Wild Buying Holiday Home Decor

Holiday lightsLooks like it's time for me to take down the Halloween decorations and get ready for the next spate of holidays. My family always gets absurdly nostalgic about saying goodbye to holidays just passed - my mother once left the Christmas tree up until Valentine's Day. (I remember, because we replaced the ornaments with hearts, as a joke.)

But aside from sentiment, one of the worst things about taking down decorations is that you've got to repack them and find space to store them. And if you're the owner of a small, starter house like I am, storage is a never-ending problem.

So, as one who is already stretching the limits of her attic, let me caution new homeowners: Don't buy too much decorative stuff! Especially the space-consuming, landfill clogging plastic type of decorations. Paper products at least stack or fold up nicely, and can ultimately be recycled.

You'll go easier on your budget, too. According to Forbes, Americans paid a total of around $1.4 billion for Halloween decorations this year. Although that still translates to an expenditure of only $26.59 per person buying, the numbers have been steadily rising - and retailers are responding with new temptations. And we're only at the start of the holiday buying season . . . .

Ilona Bray